Professor/Associate Professor/Senior Engineer/Young Scientist Positions in Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 

by Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, CAS 


The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (IAMT) is one of the sub-institutes of Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CNITECH). Adhering to the faith of "Making Materials into Useful Structures, Devices, and Systems", IAMT carries the responsibility of creating the technological innovation chain and the value chain of Material, Design and Manufacturing. Five research areas have been identified, which are Intelligent Composite Manufacturing and Equipment, Functional Device Manufacturing and System, Precision Manufacturing Process and System, Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology, and Manufacturing Information Technology. The institute currently has more than 200 researchers, including 3 professors of “Flagship Program”, 13 professors of “Team Program”, 18 associate professors/senior engineers, and other more than 50 assistant professors and engineers. Among them, there are 3 experts of the national “Thousand Talents Program”, 5 experts of the Zhejiang provincial “Thousand Talents Program”, 3 experts of CAS “Hundred Talents Program”, and 5 talents of Ningbo “3315 Program”. In addition, the institute has established several major equipment platforms, involving material manufacturing, device manufacturing, precision manufacturing, intellectual manufacturing, and digital design and simulation, as well as an engineering center of 3000 square meters, with a total worth of more than 100 million RMB. Since 2010, the institute has won hundreds of research projects, including a number of national major projects with competitive funding of more than 150 million RMB. Due to the rapid growth of the institute, IAMT seeks to appoint outstanding scholars to the following positions: 

♦ Professors for “Flagship Program” and “Team Program” , 

♦ Associate Professors for “Chunlei Talents Program”, 

♦ Senior Engineers for “Key Talents Program”, 

♦ CNITECH Outstanding Young Scientists. 

The preferred research areas are listed as follows: 

1. Manufacturing Information Technology 

♦ Industrial Sensor Network and Monitoring Technology 

♦ Equipment Prognosis and Health Management Technology 

2. Intelligent Composite Manufacturing and Equipment 

♦ Composite Integrated Design 

♦ Composite Processing and Equipment 

♦ Composite Bonding and Assembly Technology 

♦ Composite Testing and Property Evaluation 

3. Functional Device Manufacturing and System 

♦ Photoelectric Detecting Material and Devices 

♦ Thermoelectric Conversion Material and Devices 

4. Precision Manufacturing Process and System 

♦ Precision and Extreme Subtractive Manufacturing 

♦ Precision and Extreme Surface Treatment 

♦ Precision and Extreme Additive Manufacturing 

5. Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology 

♦ Precision Drive Control Technology 

♦ Advanced Robotic and Automation Technology 

♦ Intelligent Sensing Technology 


1. The candidate who has a PhD Degree or overseas research experience is preferred. 

2. The candidate should have a significant track record of R&D accomplishment in the related research areas. 

3. The candidate who has project management experience is preferred, and should be able to lead the team to carry out research work effectively. 


1. Qualified candidates will be recommended for the national “Thousand Talents Program” or CAS “Hundred Talents Program”. “Thousand Young Talents Program” professors can receive a national research funding of 2-3 million RMB, a CAS research funding of 0.5 million RMB, a CNITECH start-up research funding of 2.6 million RMB, as well as 2.5 million RMB as personal allowance. 

2. “Flagship Program” professors can receive a start-up research funding of 3-10 million RMB. “Team Program” professors can receive a start-up research funding of 2.6 million RMB. “Chunlei Talents Program” associate professors can receive a start-up research funding of 1 million RMB. CNITECH Outstanding Young Scientists can receive a tart-up research funding of 1 million RMB. 

3. All the program talents can benefit from the related institute policies of family allowance, apartment purchase subsidies, etc. 

4. For more information about the salary and benefits, please refer to talents program policies of CNITECH. 

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